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910 Airguns Custom Parts

Titanium 6.3mm Valve Seat

Titanium 6.3mm Valve Seat

FX Airguns Titanium 6.3mm Valve Seat

A very strong, titanium valve seat bored out to 6.3mm rather than 5.5mm. Allows better airflow and more power when needed. Also, highly unlikely to break, and much stronger than the OEM Stainless Steel Valve Seat. Great addition for any power tune. Can possibly add up to 40 FPS, based on previous settings and caliber. For FX Impact Mk1, Crown Mk1, Boss and Bobcat 0.30cal

** Does NOT work for Impact Power Plenum, as it does not have a removeable valve seat**

Also NOT compatible with Crown Mk2, Wildcat (All Models), Maverick, or Dreamline. 

Designed by Ernest Rowe.

Designed to use a 8mmx1mm NBR 70 O-Ring. The Valve Seat will be sent with 1 O-Ring installed and a spare. 

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