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910 Airguns Custom Parts

Pinpoint Trigger Shoe

Pinpoint Trigger Shoe

Pinpoint Trigger Shoe for FX Airguns

The ultimate accessory for training trigger pull!

This revolutionary design incorporates hours of research and development into the needs of a proper trigger shoe, along with review from some of the top shooters in the PCP Airgun industry!


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Wide Body Continuous Shoe
• Ergonomic design to center your finger on the shoe
• Wide body to accommodate any size finger

Offset Post Hole
• Ambidextrous Offset to customize the shoe position to the shooters preference 
• Allows 180° rotation to allow for different shooting styles

Finger Index Point
• Small screw in center of shoe to create pressure point
• Comes with a M3 x 5mm screw - can be exchanged for any desired length of screw 
• Can be removed with effecting the function of trigger shoe

Precision CNC Manufactured by Bullet Central in collaboration with 910 AGTR LLC



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