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FX Dynamic Block Valve Housing Tool

FX Dynamic Block Valve Housing Tool

FX Dynamic Block Valve Housing Tool

A not-so-common, but very useful tool when needed! This is a nearly indestructible tool made for a single purpose, to remove the Valve Housing on an FX Dynamic Block based rifle, such as the FX Panthera. Typically, the plug requires a pin spanner wrench to remove, but it difficult to use one here due to the plenum connection. No one wants to scratch  parts on a rifle that costs thousands of dollars... So, this tool was invented! It converts the pin spanner tool to a 4mm Hex, which the 4mm Hex is already used to remove the chassis support block off of the FX Panthera to gain access to the valve housing. 

This tool is only used to remove/install the valve housing on the FX Dynamic Block. It does not fit any other known spanner holes. The valve housing will need to be removed to access the valve of the FX Dynamic Block for adjustments or repairs. 

All parts of the tool are high precision CNC machined. 

The tool is high quality 7075-T6 Aluminum anodized black. The pins are special made, 304 Stainless Steel threaded pins, designed to thread into the tool and secured with Loctite Blue 243, so the pins will never come out unless heated and purposely removed (no reason to, they are Stainless Steel and should last for nearly forever...).

Hex slot is 4mm. 

**NOTE** - The pins are a very tight fit into the valve housing, so be sure they are fully seated before attempting to turn, or else the pin holes in the housing may be damaged.

Also, please check with your local distributor before use, as disassembly of the rifle may void your warranty. 

Designed by 910 Airguns Custom Parts. 

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