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FX Dreamline Short Throw Lever

FX Dreamline Short Throw Lever


FX Dreamline Short Throw Lever

Reduce the lever throw distance on your Dreamline with this new short-throw lever!

The Dreamline is known to have a long lever throw (pull) distance, where most people have to remove their hand from the hand grip into order to reload the chamber. With this new short throw lever, you should not have to remove your hand, similar to the FX Impact. 

Also, with a shorter throw distance, you can chamber the next round faster - important for speed competitions for a fast follow-up while hunting! 


Precision CNC Machined

PVD Coated for longevity and durability 

Lever is 304 Stainless, Pin is 316 Stainless, Linkage is 440C Stainless

Brass bushing on lever pivot for a nearly ball bearing feel

**Handle not included**

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