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FX Crown Plenum Plug Removal Tool

FX Crown Plenum Plug Removal Tool

FX Crown Plenum Plug Removal Tool

A not-so-common, but very useful tool when needed! This is a nearly indestructible tool made for a single purpose, to remove the Plenum Plug (D18) on an FX Crown MK1 or MK2. Typically, the plug requires a spanner wrench to remove, but there is no spanner that can access the holes properly without scratching the action. No one wants to scratch the action on a rifle that costs thousands of dollars... So, this tool was invented! It converts the spanner tool to a 4mm allen, which the 4mm allen is already used to remove the valve housing of the Crown. 

This tool is only used to remove/install the plenum plug on the FX Crown MK1/MK2. It does not fit any other known spanner holes. The only time it is necessary to remove the plug is in the case of a full reseal, or you have the extremely rare leak from the plug's O-ring. 

All parts of the tool are high precision CNC machined. 

The tool is high quality 7075-T6 Aluminum anodized black. The pins are special made, 304 Stainless Steel threaded pins, designed to thread into the tool and secured with Loctite Blue 243, so the pins will never come out unless heated and purposely removed (no reason to, they are Stainless Steel and should last for nearly forever...).

Allen slot is 4mm. 

Exclusive product of 910 AGTR LLC. 

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