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Sekhmet SmartGauge 28mm Pro Digital Pressure Gauge

Sekhmet SmartGauge 28mm Pro Digital Pressure Gauge

Sekhmet SmartGauge 28mm Pro Digital Pressure Gauge

New, improved model - now being distributed by 910 Airguns Custom Parts!! 

  • 28mm diameter
  • 1/8" BSPP Threads
  • No parallax or drift errors
  • Water Resistant
  • Exceptional length battery life
  • Updatable software
  • Reads area temperature
  • Records air consumption per shot
  • Estimates shot count
  • Digitally rotatable screen
  • Clean, easy to read screen

Included in the package is (x1) digital gauge, (x1) charging cable, and a box of multiple types of seals, to be compatible with several makes and models of pneumatic rifles! 

 New Features! 


1. Bigger battery.
The old model uses a 145mAh Li-on, while the new type uses a 210mAh battery in the same shell! This provides a 45% increase in the battery life with lower power consumption system. Its screen can stay on for more than 48 consecutive hours, almost double the time as the previous model!

2. Easy charging cable.
Uses the same magnetic connectors as the 25mm standard gauge, the new charger can "automatically" locate the correct positioning and provides a strong magnetic connection.

3. Combined Seal system.
To prevent any leaking problem that occurred in previous models, hours of research and development has provided a combination of a PTFE-based seal and a high wear resistance CPU O-Ring to create a long lasting seal. The air contained in a pneumatic rifle changes very rapidly, which brings many small movements for the seal system. Sekhmet has completed more than 10,000 cycles of filling tests on the new seal system. 

4. Stable system
Solved bugs in unit switching, time setting, calculation of various parameters, improved system fluency, and upgraded to an easier-to-operate firmware update program; see the new manual for additional details on updating. 

5. ECO-friendly packaging.
The EVA materials are discarded, and a large proportion of recyclable paper linings are now used. The new package is only 40% the size of the original one. 
6. New looking
The circular frontal surface looks more complete than the original hexagon, while maintaining the same 27mm hex interface to work with an open-end wrench.

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